Beach, Jungle & Hippy Vibe

That’s Montezuma Costa Rica for you.


Voted by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 destinations in Costa Rica,  Montezuma is a gem of a location for an “earthy” vacation experience.     It’s a place to escape to if you’re longing to hang out barefooted for days on end, going to yoga classes,  eating at veggie-eateries,  and imbibing in life’s natural medicinal herbs.

Montezuma is an endearing Costa Rican beach town that invites you to rest and relax. The Pacific ocean is wonderfully warm and wild.  Immerse yourself in the ever audible jungle and boho vibe.
Tourist attractions include plenty of R&R, surfing, canopy tours and the “artsy” beach culture.  Plenty of yoga classes, volunteer opportunities, festivals, eco-friendly, veggie-friendly eateries, and neo-Rastas sharing their uplifting, mood altering herbs.
The locals here endearingly refer to the town as “Montefuma.”  Getting down to business though Montefuma is like much of this region with lodging that is not always first class and the eateries not of a Michelin star caliber.   Despite these slight “inconveniences”  Montezuma is where you will want to stay barefoot and walk the gorgeous coastline to the rhythm of nature.
And if you’re looking for the best of both worlds,  a hippy lifestyle combined with accommodations at the most luxurious property in the area, then check out  LunaticLounge.
“Monkey Business at LUNATICALounge”
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For other Montezuma properties check out Montezuma Accommodations.

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