A Hidden Paradise Away From the Crowds.

A hidden piece of paradise along the Portuguese coastline, about an hour south of Lisbon…Comporta.  This stunning area renowned for magnificently white sandy beaches,  delicious wines, fresh fish and beautiful rice paddies, is now home to Cabanas no Rio, a romantic hideaway that sits alongside the Sado river.


Here, away from the crowds, the essence of nature connects to one’s soul. It’s a spot to relax, unwind and take in the sounds and sights of a gorgeous, natural reserve.

Your accommodations – –   two recovered and restored, old fisherman huts, designed by award winning architects Aires Mateus.


This dwelling project was developed with their usual poetry and sensibility. The huts are built of recycled wood and the accommodations  so sensibly integrated into the breathtaking Portuguese landscape that guests have the feeling that the huts have been here for as long as the river and countryside, themselves.


“Wood, as a material that is highly corruptible by weather, plays a fundamental role in the project of the huts, as they are totally exposed to it and therefore they will change with time. Moreover, it is a constant reference to nature, the river, the wharf and the world of sailing, establishing relations between the cabanas an the landscape.”


The project is a rural refuge that allows visitors to spend some time by the river. The minimum spaces include a living and cooking area and a sleeping room with a toilet. These functions interact with the slope of the roofs, a shape that responds to the archetype of a house.


“The wharf is medieval and assembled with wood. Its identity is kept long beyond the material’s resistance. An identity that allows to change, to replace, keeping all the values.”


There is also free wi-fi, an a iPod dock and canoes. You can stay at this idyllic spot with breathtaking views for $270 p/night.

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