Mesmerizing Treehouse Community in the Jungles of Costa Rica


Photograph by Allison Shelley.  Source

It’s pretty common for surfers to seek out Costa Rica’s incredible waves.    The story usually continues, as it did, when Mateo, in 2006 went on a surfing trip to Costa Rica,  fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the Southern Zone, and called his wife Erica to return and look for a getaway to escape to during the colder months up North.

The couple decided to finding a getaway in the tropics.   After much searching the two discover what would later become Finca Bellavista.  A property, located at the end of a steep gravel road, in the middle of the jungle.  To seeit they had to macheted a path through the jungle, to the edge of Rio Bellavista, where they explored some of the property’s river frontage.  That evening, they began brainstorming ways that they could afford the 62-acre property.

1Photograph by

Recalling that the properties’ trees were spectacular, Erica tossed out the idea to build a treehouse.   Knowing that the property was much bigger than what they wanted, or needed,  Erica  wondered  if friends or other people might be interested in going in on the property, and perhaps build treehouses too.   “And wouldn’t it be cool if the treehouses were connected with ziplines and bridges? Kind of like the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi…”


Photograph by Anders Birch. Source

The idea turned into  what Finca Bellavista (FBV) is today –  a sustainable treehouse community, on 600 acres,  in the mountainous South Pacific coastal region, with seven treehouses and cabins available for rent.   FBV now includes a peninsula of rainforest mountain, frontage on two whitewater rivers and many majestic trees.  True to the original plan there are parcels of land now available for sale on the property.


Photograph by Anders Birch. Source

The stunning beauty of this Costa Rican coastal region means visitors are immersed in nature.   There are waterfalls, natural pools, hiking trails, wildlife and in true Costa Rican style, a zip line course.  FBV is an adventurous travelers’ dream destination.


Photograph by Anders Birch. Source

Pictures of FB,  capture the essence of what Erica and Mateo have created far better than words will ever however there is only one true way to experience this extraordinary spot, and that’s to visit.

To connect with  Erica and Mateo visit them on:  their Website,  Facebook page, or Twitter.


Photograph by Geoff Gillstrom.  Source:

“Since 2007, the couple has sold 51 parcels of land and built 25 structures, including a community center, base camp, and five true treehouses. It’s a perpetual work in progress”   Source: Business Insider


Photograph by Allison Shelley. Source:



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