Your African Escape : Into the Wild

The Great Rift Valley, that cuts through Northern Kenya, in a series of mazy peaks and depressions, is home to some of the most magical scenery found the world over.   It’s also home to Kamogi  – a low key, and really laid back private ranch,  that is an ideal spot for travelers who are looking to truly experience the African wild.


A ramshackle and enchanting property,  it’s a very much loved family home, whose owners have opened their doors for guests to experience a “slice of life” on a private ranch in Africa.


The feel here is beautiful, totally wild and very much “at home.”  You’re yards away from the Il Pinguan lugga – seasonal river bed –  that traverses the Laikipia plateau, for 100 miles, before feeding into the Ewaso Ngiro River. The Il Pinguan acts as a water access point for the ecosystem that includes 200 year old acacia forests, herds of buffalo, elephant, gazelles as well as their predators the lions, leopards and cheetahs.  This makes it it one of the best places in Africa to experience the wild, magic of this exceptional land.


This isn’t your resort stay, with fences around the pool and property.   Though you have a pool and a tennis court, this is Africa for real.  Here you’re in the WILD.  It’s open and fenceless and the wildlife you see is conducting its everyday life  – and there’s no lack of it!  Every minute is exciting,  as you have no clue what you’ll see next.


This is the African wild.  It’s a place that will rejuvenate your senses and emotions.   For the faint hearted,  its worth knowing that there is 24-7 security in case of wayward lions.


So if you’re ready for a trip of a lifetime visit Pinguan House.


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