Transformational Journeys | Part 1 : The Great Apes


Source:  Volcanoes Safaris

Face it, most vacations are fun and exciting, though how many of your travels have truly transformed your life?
We’ve been discovering new destinations for decades now and want to share with you,  the first,  of what is a trip that will transform your life.

The Great Apes are a source of our fascination.   They are considered to be some of the most intelligent and socially organized animals.   Yet sadly Mountain Gorillas are one of the world’s most endangered apes and it is estimated that there are approximately 720  left throughout the world. They have little remaining natural habitat.   What is left is located in the stunningly beautiful, volcanic, mountainous regions of Rwanda and Uganda, Africa.


Gorilla safaris are niche African safaris.  There are a few companies that specialize in them.   Only 8 people can visit a given gorilla family per day.  In Uganda, ten families have been habituated in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP.  Rwanda can also take 80 persons per day.  Ultimately that means 160 persons per day tacking the gorillas here.   Whatever company you select there’s little question that your time with the gorillas, will be one experience that you will carry with you for the remainder of your life.


Volcanoes Safaris is one of the preeminent companies specializing in mountain gorilla tracking based around our eco-luxury lodges in Uganda and Rwanda.  The following amazing images are taken by Volcanoes Safaris and provide a glimpse into one the first in a series of transformational adventures.   Seeking a transformation, then visit Volcanoes Safaris, and reserve your adventure.


“David Attenborough spoke about the need for support of conservation programs in his ‘Africa’ show, including the mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda. Support local efforts and visit these still endangered relatives of ours with Volcanoes Safaris all year round.”


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