Despite Its Tiny Size, St Barts Delivers The Ultimate In Chic Caribbean Delights.

The island has rightfully earned the nickname: “St. Moritz of the Caribbean.”  Only slightly more than 8 square miles it goes by more names than square miles, including its official name of St. Barthélemy,  given to it by 17th century French settlers and St. Bart, St. Barth, St. Bart’s and St. Barth’s.  For those “that know”  – the “official” Island name is St. Barts, with a silent “s”.


St. Barts is also pretty close to officially being called “paradise”.  It’s only out of respect for island, a little superstition, favor to its people, and a belief that the Eagles were “right on” when they sang  the words …  “they called it paradise, I don’t know why. You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye “… that we will refrain from adding another name.


We can tell you about St. Barts that what you don’t find on the island may well be more important than what you do.

What you won’t find:

1.   No beach lined high-rise hotels.  Only one and two-story buildings are allowed.

2.   No fast food and fast talking time share salesman.

3.   No crime to speak of.

4.   Very few cars and little traffic.


What you will find are:

1.  Countless, breathtakingly beautiful, soft, white sand beaches.

2. Exceptional duty-free shopping, sin hordes of tourists, as large cruise lines aren’t allowed to dock here.

3.  Cuisine that rivals the best in the world – with many chefs possessing the goal of making their mark on the gourmet food world stage.


All this wonder causes challenges. The most complex may be deciding what beach to visit  – made even more complex because many of the beaches boast swimming pool like calm waters,  ideal for snorkeling, while other beaches feature waves that are perfect for surfing.  Your next challenge will be deciding what to wear and which restaurants to eat at.


St. Barts is a beautiful island destination that has long been an escape for the rich and famous.  It will likely remain one for time to come, as prices are unlikely to decline.  The reasons for this are that all goods are shipped onto the island and the island caters almost exclusively to an upscale clientele.


St. Barts is the place to visit if you are looking for glamour and glitz while simultaneously being touched by the inner Caribbean soul of sunshine and warm people. Once here you will discover a captivating and alluring destination, that’s casually elegant,  brimming with class, yet managing, perhaps because of its exclusivity and high prices – yes it’s one of the most expensive destinations in the world –  to be extremely laid back and intoxicating, in ways that will leave you desiring to return time and again, even if only in your imagination.

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