The island mecca of Ibiza is losing its title as the hedonistic 18-30’s party capital of the world.

It’s no longer just a voyage of partying and ecstasy fueled 90’s raves, and the days of the 15 euro all-you-can-drink booze cruise have  -thankfully- been, well and truly, laid to rest.


So what’s the draw? What is it that’s still attracting people en-mass to the mysterious isle each year?


Millions of tourists spilled out of the Aeropuerto de Eivissa arrivals hall every month last summer and the numbers are expected to increase in 2014.

Could it be the magical magnetic pull of the legend of Es Vedra that is luring people here in such drastic numbers? Maybe. It’s evident to me though that there’s more here on offer and that Ibiza has evolved gracefully from the era of the cheap party holiday destination to a stunning world class resort with endless facilities, history, authentic Spanish culture, and yet the same laid back Mediterranean charm that captured the hippies back in the swinging sixties is still very much alive.

So, despite the shocking decline of the San An booze-cruise industry Ibiza is better than ever. There are private jets landed at the airport and a plethora of high-end chauffeur driven rides from Mercedes to Hummers to get you to the start of your holiday.


The summer months see an endless stream of politicians, royals, and high profile celebrities pictured on beaches across the island, and in bars where drinks cost more than a budget airline flight ticket. It’s attractive.


Everyone wants a slice of this new luxury Ibiza. You only need to look at the changing face of the beaches here to see why – they’re becoming lined with fancy bars offering champagnes, fine dining, and complimentary dingy service to and from your yacht, t’s easy to see the attraction.


And where’s there to stay? Well if you want the privacy and seclusion highly guarded to the aforementioned well known island frequenters, and want absolute dictatorship over the poolside track playlist throughout your holiday then you absolutely must stay in one of the hundreds of exclusive villas in Ibiza that are on offer.


You can have a stunning minimalist glass fronted mansion with infinity pool and endless sea views into the horizon, or stay in a traditional white-wash finca packed with typical Spanish character and acres of outdoor sunbathing space.


If you don’t mind the company of others poolside then you might want to try Ushuaia, there’s also Ibiza’s one and only art boutique hotel, or maybe a spa retreat is more fitting for perking yourself up in the morning after one too many sangrias.


Whatever your accommodation preferences you’ll be well catered for. There are businesses on the Island providing no other services but to simply make sure you have an unforgettable experience here and be there to arrange anything you could so desire during your stay on the Island. Local experts that can source even the most unusual of requests.

There’s a never-ending list of bars and eateries to fulfill every palate and the dress code here is just as varied. Bohemian traders hustle souvenirs alongside hippies who haven’t set foot on a high street since the sixties, all this just a stonesthrow from exclusive beaches with perfectly preened girls on plush white day beds. It’s a good mix. You can’t possibly avoid the good vibes.

If you’ve any time left after taking in all the good vibes then make sure you get some culture in your system. Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town is a UNESCO world heritage site. Ibiza is a tiny island with a massive old castle. It’s unusual but definitely a must-see.

So, we’ve established that there’s something for everyone in Ibiza. The Spanish are a welcoming bunch so whatever you’re here for you’ll be encouraged by all those around you to have the time of your life. Businesses here have really taken time to understand whats going on around them and have realised that the market is changing. They have adapted perfectly to the changes and the result is that Ibiza is thriving.

As long as the islands business owners keep providing what tourists want they’ll hopefully continue to arrive in the thousands.

Ibiza News


If you’re planning a little vacation this summer and Ibiza’s on your wish list, you may want to consider traveling in May during Ibiza’s 3 Day Medieval Festival event.  This  specular three-day event a true journey back in time which can be enjoyed by all ages and is completely free of charge.

The annual festival starts on May 10th in Dalt Vila and it’s become an international audience affair celebrating being granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1999 in recognition of the island’s special cultural significance to the common heritage of humanity, and in honor of its long and well-preserved history.

01Originally known as Ebysos, which translates as the Town of Bes (Bes is the Phonoecian God of dance, accredited with leading all of the poisonous animals off Ibiza), Dalt Vila was founded by the Carthaginians in 654 BC and became the nub of Mediterranean navigation due to the maritime commerce of the Carthaginian Empire.

The same walls that were built ages ago that protected Ibiza from the Romans and the Greeks still have the imprints of their history right from the earliest settlers through to the Renaissance Age due to the fact that, rather than destroying the earlier fortifications, these were actually incorporated into the newer architecture.

It’s no surprise then that UNESCO classifies Dalt Vila the best preserved coastal fortification in the Mediterranean area…and definitely cause for an annual festival!

There streets will be nicely decorated with market booths displaying their arts and crafts selling all types of exotic spices, leather goods, soaps, jewelry, and all kinds of goodies and treats to eat while you stroll the streets and enjoy the music of live entertainment.

Simply Ibiza


2 minute walk from the beach and 10 minute walk from San Antonio centre, prime location, excellently priced.
SAVillaThis villa is warm and cozy located on the main road leading into San Antonio, just a short 10 minute walk from the beach.

The fantastic location has all the major attractions of San Antonio including the famous Eden & Es paradis nightclubs can be reached in a quick 15 minute walk. The islands hottest new beach club is Ocean Club Ibiza is practically on your doorstep.

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“Who’s to say what a ‘literary life’ is? As long as you are writing often, and writing well, you don’t need to be hanging-out in libraries all the time. 
Nightclubs are great literary research centers. So is Ibiza!” 
― Roman Payne