Lake Superior’s Magical Ice Caves Accessible To Adventurers

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore located in the northern region of Wisconsin are beautiful.  So beautiful that they have been named the “Jewels of Lake Superior.”    More intriguing though for travelers in search of the path less traveled is  the area here known as “Apostle Island Sea Caves.”

The Sea Caves recently ranked in the top #10 out of “160 amazing places that people may never have heard of” in an active discussion on, the Question and Answer Community.

Submitted by Jason Nelser,  from Minnesota  who says they are “pretty amazing sight to see. I’ve kayaked through them over the summer once before, but apparently people go in them during the winter as well.”

It has been possible to see the caves in winter.  Winter is when these caves turn into a magical ice palace.  The problem in recent years is that warmer winters have taken this striking natural wonder from us.  This winter frigid temperatures have returned this miraculous place to the people of southern Lake Superior – and for those travelers looking to experience a part of the world, that is relatively untouched by guides, guide-books and tourists.

The reward for this cold journey, as seen from the following instragram pics, is a real-life fantasy world comprised of stunningly gorgeous icicles.

The lake’s ice hasn’t been thick enough to walk on on since 2009.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.45.17 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.45.10 PM

Almost 11,000 people walked to the caves last weekend.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.16.09 PM


The National Park service, offers in depth information on their site about making the trip, says to get to the caves, and then back, visitors must walk about 2 miles over the frozen lake.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.24.07 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.23.59 PM

The cave formations change from day to day and the look is completely different depending on the amount of sun and light.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.27.32 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 10.27.25 PM

The area is no stranger to frigid winters though this year’s temperatures have been consistently low making the  formations particularly beautiful, according to park officials.  The limited temperature fluctuations have stopped “freeze-and-thaw cycles” that cause blurring.

About 35,000 have made the trek and it’s expected to be passable until March.  If the thought of ice has you thinking about staying in doors or visiting a more tropical location, then consider traveling to this hidden gem during spring, summer or fall.  A wonderful place to stay on Lake Superior,  is at a home on Madeline Island.  The island is one of the Apostle Islands,  which itself is beautiful and a vacation wonderland.

When the mood to explore the other 21 Apostle Islands arises get on board the ferry from Madeline Island over to Bayfield.

You’ll love absolutely love the trip.  “Better Homes and Gardens'” Travel section highlighted Madeline Island Ferry Line and the great lakes by saying that:

“There’s no better way to explore these mighty water-ways than from the decks of ferryboats.”

From Bayfield you’ll have a number of ways of getting to the Caves including by kayak.  The National Park Service website is packed with useful information about the Apostle Islands as well as the Caves.

Beautiful Big Sur “OFF THE GRID” Vacation Rental is not for sissies!


Photography thanks to Richard Wagnoe of Big Sur

Richard Wagnoe operates a salvage lumber mill for reclaimed redwoods in the hills of Big Sur, California. When mill workers aren’t staying in the trailers, that dot the land, Richard rents them to adventurers.


Photograph thanks to Richard Wagnoe of Big Sur

Travelers to his 54 acres are immediately immersed in nature and surrounded by the elements –  the beautiful landscape,  water, gorgeous views, cool nights, and the fog that rolls in at different times of the day.  “This is a place for people looking to get  lost in nature,” says Richard.  “It’s pretty rugged – not quite as luxurious as a hotel however not quite like ruffing it camping. ”


These off-the-grid accommodations are for those souls seeking an eco-adventure that begins when you meet Richard – at the gate to his property, from where you will travel up a rugged driveway terrain to your secluded destination.


Your car will be left at the property gate – “so pack light” he says, because while the walk to your car from where you are staying is just 5 minutes,  going back to your abode, will be a lot tougher, as the climb is steep.


=Plan on arriving in the afternoon, before sunset, as there are no lights on the roads.   This is a requirement as the road is impassable at night.  There are no exceptions.  Arrive late and no one will be at the gate to meet you.

5 “Big Sur Cabins For Rent is NOT for sissies. Off the Grid – is just that,” says Richard. “The restored trailers are warm, dry and lovingly restored. You’ll experience luxury views,  sleep on high thread count sheets,  get to choose whether to shower indoors or outdoors,  and enjoy the beautiful bath house with its luxurious amenities.”


Richard has lived in the wilds of Big Sur & off-grid since 1991.  He is a shepherd to this land.  By trade a master, Richard is a stone mason, builder, carpenter and skilled horticulturalist.    Visit and you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.   The terraces, he has built to the fresh fruits and vegetables that he has planted on the land.


Photograph thanks to Richard Wagnoe of Big Sur

 And when you depart,  as all must,  perhaps you’ll leave feeling the way Richard does about this spot:

“…the place [he has] come to love and create are gracious spacious and comfortable. A hot shower – or bath – overlooking an incredible view a place to cook an amazing meal, a warm, dry, quiet and peaceful place to sleep.”

Richard has placed the trailers with Privacy, Ocean Views and Natural Beauty in mind and is “offering you the chance to experience the magic of the land.”

For more information please visit: Richard’s website.

Powerful Virtual Trips Because Human Nature Seeks Adventures & Travels

Almost every human, at his or her essence, loves adventure and travel.  You’ve likely met people that consider themselves “home bodies” yet, when they’re pressed, you’ll discover that most  meet this need for travel and adventure in ways other, than what we typically  consider “travel.”

They may love going into the city and seeing the sights and hearing the sounds, before returning to their abode, or taking a drive through the countryside or into an unknown area that’s close by home.

There lies within all of us this “pull” to discover and explore – and with that in mind, who is better than sharing their adventures and taking us along on a virtual trip than bloggers?

Whether you consider yourself a person with deep wanderlust, a host to travelers in your room rental, B&B or resort,  at VacationDiggs we believe that each of us can and should experience more of life’s magic by sharing in the journeys that these wanderlust bloggers  offer.

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Lucie & Lachlan’s mission is to travel the world with their faithful hound, Bow Wow, helping communities through trade, not aid, and in support of wildlife conservation.  They share their experiences of the world’s wonderment and peculiarities with you by going to extraordinary places and leaving with insight, new skills, friendships and Vagabond Treasures! Their journey is documented through writing, photography and film.

As they travel, we they search for traditional craftspeople that they may develop products with to market and sell through their online shop, Vagabond Van. In this way, their aim to help communities be self sufficient and maintain vanishing handicrafts. Where possible they encourage the use of recycled materials, adding to their unique story which each product has to tell and minimizing its impact on the environment.
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I hope you took some time to check out these magnificent blogs.

If you’re a host to guests, think about how you too can educate and entertain, your visitors by sharing information on your blog, that is more about satisfying the desire of online travelers to  learn and experience your city, town and gain insight into your values about things like the environment,  the people,  and reasons you fell in love with your home diggs.

Bon Voyage!